25 Episodes of Gone Mobile

We just hit the 25 episode mark on our Gone Mobile podcast, which seemed like as good a time as any for a quick retrospective. We published our first episode in September of 2013, not really knowing what would become of it or if anyone would actually listen, but knowing that we wanted to try. More importantly, there are so many amazing people in this community that we wanted a place to be able to showcase them and what they're doing.

These first 25 episodes have honestly been a total blast to record and publish. That is definitely due to my awesome co-host and good friend Jon Dick (and let's not forget the lovely Nic Wise and James Clancey who also co-hosted in early episodes), all the kind souls who accepted an invitation to take time out of their schedules to talk to us, and all of you who actually listen to this thing. Over 100,000 listens? How the heck did that happen?. We love you all.

If you're new to the show, here's what you've missed so far:

That's enough of that...onwards and upwards! We've got some great episodes coming up, so we'll see you in episode 26!

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