C# To Go: Version 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of C# To Go is now live in the Android Market. I also submitted the update to Amazon’s Android marketplace for approval, with any luck that will go through soon as well.

This is a small release of C# To Go, but does come with some cool additions. Most importantly, it includes support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). I had received many reports from users that the app would crash on startup on Ice Cream Sandwich, so those issues should be cleared up now.

The one real feature addition in this release is that I added multi-line editing support. This was by far the most requested feature (and most common complaint in user reviews). If you prefer to keep the old style, the option is still available in the application’s settings.

Aside from that, this version does include some performance enhancements thanks to improvements in newer versions of Mono for Android. The most noticeable  improvement there is that startup time for the application has been cut down by a lot. I also added a splash screen shown during startup to make it feel a little nicer.

I have some more improvements I’d like to make to the app as I have time, but I wanted to make sure I got this out ASAP since I didn’t want to leave Ice Cream Sandwich users hanging. I hope you all enjoy the update, and happy New Year!

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9 Responses to “C# To Go: Version 1.2 Released”

  1. This is excellent!
    But I wish if there were following 2 things possible using this app.
    1. Could load .cs files using a browse button or menu item.
    2. Changing font & font size.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep those in mind for future releases :)

  3. Using FEEDBACK;
    void GREAT APP(for students like me)
    Console.Write(“Thank u! giving wonderful app”);

    Pls add some Examples …

  4. Translated your program C# to Go v1.2 into Russian
    Sent a letter to attach a file transfer
    Please add in the next version.

  5. Translated your program C# to Go v1.2 into Russian.
    Sent a letter to attach a file transfer.
    Please add in the next version.

  6. How can I save the current session into a file?
    Is it possible?
    Otherwise this app is cool!

  7. This is not possible in the current version, but is on my radar for future updates. Thanks for checking out the app!

  8. Hey Greg. Thanks for releasing this app.

    I was searching about trying to find documentation, and since I’m not seeing anything …

    Do you know if it’s possible to read files on the device?

    I have some XML files that I’d love to parse on the go with LINQ. :D

  9. Hi greg
    This app is super cool.thank you so much for that.
    I wonder why there is no update! Maybe you dont have time.
    Anyway, just in case you decide to release an update, please also add the followings:
    - a Black screen (it would be great for night work!)
    - ability to read N write on device memory (opening N saving the code)
    - saving the result of execution of a code. And working with txt files would be great.
    - changing the font size

    As I dont have a computer, I do most of my work on my handset and your app is a real help to me. Thank you again

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